My name is Keith Anderson and I’m a person in long term recovery, what that means to me is that I have not used drugs (alcohol is a drug) since May of 2003. I spent my younger years in and out of detention centers, halfway houses and jails all as a direct result of my untreated addiction. On October 17th of 2003 after serving 22 months on a 42 month sentence I was paroled to a rehab in Brockton MA. When I entered the facility many of the other clients were using drugs regularly. I persevered through the treatment center for 6 months and completed to their sober living house. The same situation was going on in the “sober house”, very few were staying sober or clean. This was the first time I was seriously dedicated to staying clean. I thank God that I got connected to resources outside the facility ie: 12 step recovery, 1:1 counseling, connected with my community and my God. I told myself back then “if I’m ever in the position to open my own home ill make sure it’s a safe environment so men like me that are serious about recovery can flourish”. God has answered that prayer and I answered the call. I started working in the addiction field when I had two years clean in 2005. When I went into jail I only had an 8th grade education, I earned my GED in 1999 while I was incarcerated. Since then I have earned my Licensed Alcohol Drug Counseling License (LADC) from a non -credited course offered at UMASS Boston in 2006. I went on to earn my Bachelors in Human Services in 2015 from Springfield College’s Boston Campus. I have been blessed and fortunate to work at pretty much every level of care in the substance abuse industry, from Acute Treatment Services 3.7, Clinical Stabilization 3.5, Transitional Services 3.1, outpatient 2.1, Dedham House of Corrections drug unit, Department of Mental Health and also section 35 facilities. I have built myself up from a homeless drug addict convict to a successful individual without any outside financial support. I believe in the recovery process, I know this works and my mission is to help others achieve success in long term recovery. Welcome to White Mountain Recovery Homes LLC founded in October of 2017.


Keith Anderson BS LADC

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