Welcome to White Mountains Recovery Homes.  We call them recovery homes rather than a houses, because we believe our participants should feel at home.  We meet our participants with a compassionate, empathetic, person centered, and loving approach. We support our participants by teaching healthy boundaries, we do not enable, and we allow each individual the process of recovery by promoting an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. We encourage practices that build self-worth, integrity and self-esteem. View our gallery, intake criteria, contact page, about page and mission statement available on our site.  If you are a person seeking to maintain ongoing recovery or a provider looking to make a referral, you can find our contact information on the contact page. Thank you for visiting White Mountains Recovery Homes. We currently have six locations, four homes in Littleton New Hampshire and one home in Plymouth New Hampshire and Northfield New Hampshire .

Cost per week is $140. Please call or email for pricing and availability.