White Mountains Recovery Homes Intake Criteria 66 Langdon St Plymouth New Hampshire

1)    Participants will be required to attend an NA/AA meeting every day for first 90 days of program regardless of amount of time in recovery. One of those weekly meetings needs to be a step meeting. After 90 days must attend 5 days of meetings at least 1 per day.
2)    Participants will be required to show verified sponsor by first 30 days of intake and also have verifiable home group with service position in home group. 
3)    Participants will be expected to pay program fee of $140 per week first and last week due at intake. (This is not considered rent/ as it is a program fee). Program fee is forfeited if participants are discharged for noncompliance. 
4)    Participants will have a weekly house meeting. Participants will have chores: chores will be rotated on a weekly basis.
5)    Participants will be able to have visits with family only in common areas. Visit time to be established by house manager and participant.
6)    Participants that are collecting SSDI/SSI will be required to fulfill volunteer hours based on individual’s ability and/or work part time. 
7)    Participants will be required to attend outside therapy. Program director/house manager will assist participants in finding a therapist and psychiatrist if needed. 
8)    Participants will need to establish primary care physician. Program director/house manager is available to assist in this area.
9)    Participants will be drug screened weekly random basis. Failure to comply with drug screening can result in immediate discharge. Positive drug tests and or admission of use result in immediate discharge. If a participant appears under the influence they can be asked to leave regardless of screening results or time of day. We will not allow participants to be in W.M.R.H. under the influence this is to protect the other members of the homes.
10)    No smoking in the house or in front of the house. Smoking permitted in the back yard must use cigarette cans.
11)    Any smoking in the house will result in immediate discharge.
12)    Participants will be required to attend an over dose prevention education class and receive Narcan training, program manager will help make referral.
13)    Participants will be responsible to keep their personal areas clean, including making beds and taking off shoes when entering the building. Curfew during week Mon-Friday 11pm. 12pm on weekends unless on pass. If on parole probation must approve first. All over night passes must be approved by program manager.
14)    White Mountain Recovery is not equipped to manage medication; therefore participants are only allowed to be on mild SSRI or Anti-Anxiety medication. No controlled medications.
15)    Work in the community. If participants are working in the community and find another job opportunity, they are required to give proper notice (general two weeks). Plymouth is a small community and we must show responsibility and respect to our community partners.
16)    Participants that want to have vehicle must have valid registration, insurance and license to operate. Must have permission from management prior to bringing vehicle to property.
17)    Fighting, threatening and aggressive behaviors can result in immediate discharge. Also poor attitude can result in revisiting commitment to remain at WMRH. 
18)    We do not accept individuals with sex offenses and/or arsons. WMRH can ask individuals to provide copies of their criminal background.
19)    If for any reason a medical issue arises you must speak with WMRH before considering taking a medication. If you take a narcotic medication without first discussing with WMRH you will be asked to leave.

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